70: 2017 Motorcycle Predictions

In this installment of Loud Pipes we discuss our 2016 predictions and find out who did the best and then we make our 2017 predictions.  There was a little riding over the past week as Rich and Jon meet up for some BBQ at a sweet place - Pik-n-Pig.

2016 Predictions

  • Rich:
    • Electric bikes/car sales will decrease due to cheap gas/oil prices - (0)
    • Larger front wheels has hit peak and decrease (1)
    • New custom tread comes out in 2016 (2)
    • Something new from HD - for new/women riders (0)
    • Once ride the Ducati Multistrada enduro but don't like/not for me (2)
  • Jon:
    • Increased range for electric bikes and increase in sales again - (1)
    • Bike manufacturers adding forced induction - (0)
    • Rich ride the Guzzi flying fortress, is happy, and sells the Harley (1)
    • Subaru continues high safety rating (2)
    • Rico will buys Wendy a motorcycle (0)
    • Bryce gets a bike (2)
  • Rico:
    • Indian and Victory increase in number sale (2)
    • Zero leads electric bike sales (0)
    • Scrambler sales order, Ducati, Triumph, (Yamaha next to do a scrambler) (1)
    • Naked bikes - KTM 390 Duke (0)
    • Sportster and Street from HD sales increase. (2)

2017 Predictions

  • Rich:
    • Rico get a bike - on/off road over 250cc
    • Indian does some type of water cooling for touring bikes
    • Conflict between aftermarket modifications and bike warranties around exhaust comes to a head
  • Jon:
    • Rico get a bike... ADV class
    • Harley wins American Flat Track championship.
    • Indian releases a new bike model
    • More vintage style looking bikes
  • Rico:
    • Rich doesn't start project bike
    • Bryce gets a new bike before Rich does
    • There will be no new Bobber style bikes from manufacturers
    • HD puts Mil8 in all bikes except Sportster and Street series
  • Rider of Loud Pipes!:
    • Mark A:
      • Indian will continue expanding its part and accessories line-up
      • HD 2018 will expand the 107 to the Softail and Dyna lines.
      • HD will start to scare away customers if they start to restrict warranty claims on non OEM parts.
    • Micah:
      • Line between ADV/Upright sport touring will continue to blur 
      • More new mini ADV bikes like the G310GS or VStrom 300x
    • Zyon:
      • HD in 2018 will expand the 107 to the Softail and Dyna lines.


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Running time:  1 hour 27 minutes

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