52: Touring is a Mindset and What Motorcycle Would the President Ride?

Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge update

  • Follow the story on ESR for daily points updates
  • Update on rides through challenge day 4:
    • Rich is making daily posts about it on ESR (follow @macdracer)
    • Starting to feel like a chore to Jon, so he's going to change his perspective 

What Motorcycle Would the President Ride? 

  • Interesting topic that grew out of our Patreon Slack group.  
  • Since we are electing a new President this year, we considered what motorcycle would the current President and past Presidents ride?
    • Rich: President: Indian Bagger, First Lady: Harley Low Rider
    • Jon:  President: Honda Goldwing, First Lady: Sportbike
    • Aaron: President: BMW touring, First Lady: Harley
  • We are looking for your feedback, let us know your thoughts.  Based on the amount of feedback received, we may or may not continue this process going back through prior Presidents

Touring is a mindset:

Inspired by Dr. Clint Ackerman and his US tour this year on a 1993 Suzuki Intruder 1400


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Running time: 58 minutes 31 seconds

Questions or comments: feedback@rdubstudios.com or the Feedback page

25: You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle



  • Rich talks about 1600 miles of riding and meeting friends along the way.
  • Big thanks to Mike, Sally, Josh, and Sharon for joining me for a big part of the ride home.

Always more fun to ride with a group.

Nice day ride in PA with my Uncle and two of his friends.


  • Rico adds about 300 miles to his Roadmaster since the last episode and has been adding some accessories, mainly chrome!


Running time: 1 hour 17 minutes

Questions or comments: feedback@rdubstudios.com