Episode 14: The Bagger Benchmark


What we're drinking (retired)

  • The beer segment has been retired.  Due to a personal choice by Rich to begin eating better as part of overall health improvement.

Chit Chat

  • Got out on Sunday 3/8/2015 for about a 60 mile ride, beer, cook out, and an overall great time

  • A photo of the bikes from our ride can be found on the episode 14 preview page

  • Ran into a guy named Danny Luna and he had an amazing sounding 2012 H-D Road Glide with CFR (Cary Faas Racing) exhaust and custom headers.  We'll have Danny on in a future episode as we continue our finding the best bagger series.  

  • Attended Charlotte cars and coffee for March


  • Reminder: We are looking for listeners to write in or join us on Skype to talk about what they like about their current bagger or what they look for when shopping for a bagger. If interested, send us an email to   feedback@rdubstudios.com

  • Another custom option, get an older H-D touring bike and install one of these two crate motors:

New Topics

Things we liked from the Geneva car show:

Head over to the shop

Instacast 5 Podcast Client: This is a new podcast app that Iā€™m trying out as part of migrating from Android to an iPhone. The main reason for doing this is to see the rich media show notes, since the description in iTunes pulls from a different place in the RSS feed.  So things like pictures and font styles are not available on the Apple Podcast app (or iTunes), but Instacast does show the media rich blog post that I was used to on Android.  Check it out.  The links to this app include our affiliate code and we do get a small portion of the sale for paid apps.


Running time: 1 hour, 04 minutes, 12 seconds

Questions or comments: feedback@rdubstudios.com