103: Ray Price Capital City Bikefest - Raleigh, NC

For this episode it is advisable to review the bikes below before or while listening.  We often refer to them by name or number during this episode, so having the visual as you listen may be beneficial.   

Bike picture review

  • Rico's Cousin joins us to pick Jon's brain about the show and pick our favorites.
  • The gallery below has names and or numbers that were called out during the show.


Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT @ Motorcycles of Charlotte

Triumph Tiger Explorer XRT @ Motorcycles of Charlotte

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Running time: 01 hours 08 minutes

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Episode 10: We're going to Sturgis?


What we're drinking

Chit Chat

  • Rich takes first "cold" ride of the year in 20 degree weather
  • What is it that draws people to Harley Davidson, we try to explain and ask listeners to send their thoughts.  email: feedback@rdubstudios.com or twitter @RDubStudios

U Turn!  

  • Expand on a few more bikes we plan to ride in 2015:
    • Star Motorcycles (Yamaha): Bolt R-spec - compares nicely to the Indian Scout
    • Star Motorcycles (Yamaha): V Star 1300 Deluxe - part of our finding the best bagger series
    • Victory: Cross Country - another entry in the best bagger series
    • Victory: Magnum - another entry in the best bagger series

New Topics

  • How often do you ride and does that align with your goals
    • Rich - NO! and here is my goal for 2015
      • 5,000 miles on the Deuce, 1,000 miles on the KLR (100 on dirt)
      • Using Eat Sleep Ride app on iOS to track
      • Plan to ride every week, more if possible
  • We're going to Sturgis?
    • We discussed options and ideas for making a trip to Sturgis for the 75th anniversary
    • Only have a week, best to use a truck, trailer, or ship?
    • Also looked at other options closer to home and spend the same week of time (Myrtle Beach, Daytona, Raleigh, and others)

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  • Preview of the Eat Sleep Ride iOS app, direct link is below and will be a more in depth review on a later show

Eat Sleep Ride iOS app


Running time: 59 minutes, 10 seconds

Questions or comments: feedback@rdubstudios.com