60: 2016 Barber Vintage Festival Recap and Rico Rides the Motus MST and MSTR

The guys recap their 2016 trip to the Barber Vintage Festival including the ride home and activities from the last day of the festival.  

Vintage Festival Day 3

  • Interview with Lee Conn, President of Motus Motorcycles to update changes for 2017, thoughts on the festival, and more.  
    • Previously in episode 56, Rich got his first taste of the Motus MST
    • Episode 20 was our first introduction to Motus after Rico toured the factory
  • Quick update from Brian Case, Vice President of Motus Motorcycles and Head of Design
  • Rico rides the Motus MST and MSTR with Lee Conn just outside the Barber Motorsports complex
  • Ride home from Birmingham to Atlanta area set us up nicely for completing the trip home

We want to give thanks to some great people we met at Barber

  • Guys at the beer stand from Five Star Event Catering for handing out some additional coozies
  • Ken Ciocci (apologies, we said Mike during the recording) from Spectro Oils for helping Jon with his Spyder leak.  Please check them out, great people and some fine products as well if you are looking for performance oil.

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Running time:  1 hour 13 minutes

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43: Long Ride Planning Part 1 with Ted from the Motorcycle Men

Tonight the guys kick off their long ride planning talking about preparing your bike and yourself.  The guys are joined by Ted from the Motorcycle Men podcast to share his experience with long riding.  Rich called into the Motorcycle Men podcast during their Episode 22 recording. Rich, Rico, and Ted all where able to get out on their bikes as the east coast weather has made a turn toward warmer weather.

What the guys sipped on during the show:

Rich noted that we are going to keep the recorder going after we sign off.  This un-cut audio will be publishing to Patreon.  If you like to hear this audio please support us via Pateron and the minimum is only $1 per month!


Rich views a long ride as riding all day on the bike - not going out meeting guys and just hanging out.  A good example of this would be mountain ride discussed in episode 42.

Reading recommendation for preparing the mind and body for long distance riding:


  • Focus on getting hydrated couple of days before ride
  • Get a good amount of quality rest
  • Do a nut and bolt check of bike a few weeks before ride, so you have time to correct larger issues
  • Plan out a realistic route with some options for change


  • Perform bike check- breaks, tires, tire pressure, fluids, and chain/belts
  • Focus on yourself - eat light, hydrate, stretch, etc
  • Check the weather so know what type of gear you need
  • Have right gear for the type of riding you plan to do
  • Have reflective gear if riding at night to make sure you are seen by others


  • Carry a tire repair kit and tire pump
  • Have extra oil and fuel
  • A must is to have zip ties as they can be very useful in many cases
  • Tool kit
  • Wear compression gear to help with blood flow
  • Camelbak to allow you drink while riding so you stay hydrated.
  • Use the street view in Google Maps to have and idea what road will be like.


  • Have route planned out and everyone be familiar with an overview of the route.
  • Furkot used to plan trip, which allows you to export to other devices.
  • Alternative to using dedicated GPS unit - check out an app called Co-Pilot.
  • For group riding, make sure everyone knows where next stop will be in case group gets split
  • Carry USB battery pack to provide extra power for devices

Harley announces a new Sportster: The Roadster   The guys really like the bike and how it looks.

One of Patron members Markus sent us a how Harley should have done it.  Ted doesn't like and Rich loves it.

Rich gets Ted's opinion of the Moto Guzzi Flying Fortess.  Ted - doesn't like the heads sticking out of side.  Says batman would buy this bike if he was looking for a bike, also thinks the bike is ugly.  Rich loves the bike and is really looking forward to being able to ride it after the release in Sturgis.

The guys talked about the Ducati XDiavel.  Ted was able to sit on bike and said the cockpit is too small for his size, but loves the look.  Rich and Rico are planning on riding it June, stay tune as there will for sure be a show talking about the XDiavel ride.


After the recent helmet tech episode, we spin around and take a quick look at a patent from Honda for blind spot monitoring for bikes.   The guys don't really like this nor want it on their bikes.


Upcoming events that one or more Loud Pipes! members plan on attending: 

Motorcycle Men Events:

  • 2nd Annual High Point group Ride - Saturday, May 14th
  • Americade - June 7th-11th

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Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes

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38: Triumph News, Ducati Rumble, New Naked R1, and a Tilting Trike


As we start preparing for our big trips of this year, we are working on an episode around the idea of big trips/long rides.  We would like to get your feedback on where you are planning to ride this year, for what you would consider a big trip.  We will then aggregate the places and add them to the discussion in a future episode.  Names will go into a hat and we'll draw two winners to receive a Loud Pipes! t-shirt.

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Triumph confirmed they are releasing a new Tiger Sport - but sad news it will not being sold in the US.  The bike will have the latest iteration of Triumph's 1050cc engine.  It also comes with three power modes (Road, Rain, and Sport) and cruise control.  Full spec's and pricing will be announced at a later date.

Triumph unveils two new limited edition American cruisers, 25 each model and the bikes will be numbered and carry a certificate of authenticity signed by Triumph owner John Bloor.

Ducati Custom Rumble finalists -  Ducati has setup a build off with dealers to come up with a modified Scrambler.  Finalists compete between now and World Ducati Week on July 1-3, where the winner will be announced

Indian fueled by Jack Daniel's - Indian has teamed up with Jack Daniel's to create a limited edition Chief.  No word on production dates, but details will be released during Daytona Bike week (March 4-13).

Victory brings back the Magnum X-1

Yamaha's shock new naked R1 -  This is the most remarkable naked bike to be developer by Yamaha so far.

  • 2016 Yamaha MT-10 highlights
  • YZF-R1 998cc CP4 crossplane engine
  • 165bhp | 75ftlb | 199kg (est)
  • Switchable 3-mode Traction Control system
  • YZF-R1 derived chassis and suspension
  • Slipper clutch and cruise control
  • Full LCD dash

Tilting Motor Works - A revers trike conversion kit that allows you to tilt.  Standard kit starts at $9,995 and $12,995 with tilt lock.

Jon asks the guys - If you could go back in time and change something in your life - would you and what would it be.

Jon - Yes - The biggest thing would have been spending more time with his dad and the secondary item would be have taken some cooking classes in college.

Rich - Yes - he would have liked to start his own business sooner. 

Rico - Yes - he would like to have spent more time with his grandfather and learn from him about farming.

Windshield updates

  • Rich - no update as has not been out on road.
  • Rico - works well and helps a lot.  Have not ridden at night so not sure how the tint will be yet.

Rico has been working on a 2002 Dodge Dakota SXT 5 speed that his wife picked up for a few hundred.  Took all interior out and did a major cleaning, upgraded speakers, and gave it a major detailing.

Rich took the A4 into shop.  They had to keep it for a few days so the dealer ship lent him an Audi A6.  Really enjoyed the car and had a lot of tech, but for ~65k is a little much for his taste.

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Running time: 1 hour 16 minutes
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29: Vintage Motorcycle Festival at Barber Motorsports Park 2015


We made an epic road trip to attend the 11th annual Vintage Motorcycle Festival Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL.

  • 2015 Attendance: 69,264
  • Jon planned out the route (using: https://trips.furkot.com) that allowed us to touch five states along the way:

Nice route from Rico's place to Birmingham, AL

The route home was much less exciting...

  • We had a quick interview with Richard Worsham (Founder/Designer) from Janus motorcycles and we'll plan to have them back on the show for a longer conversation in the future.  
  • We also had a conversation with a rider following a demo ride on a Motus MST.

A few pictures from the trip below and we have a ton of photos and videos that we are working on for future release.

The trio en route with the chase car keeping us in check. 

Just a sampling of the bikes parked everywhere at Barber.

Our bikes after making 5-6 laps on the track.

New company working on a 100% U.S. sourced and assembled motorcycle.   Samco-MC.com

New company working on a 100% U.S. sourced and assembled motorcycle.  Samco-MC.com

Rico got a leg over the supercharged Motus!

We ran into Lee Conn at the Motus block party and got a few minutes to catch up with him since episode 20. 

Running time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Questions or comments: feedback@rdubstudios.com