89: Harley - Ducati Love Child

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We welcome back brother Hogan as he's been dealing with other priorities and we get back to talking about what we love, motorcycles! 




  • Rich is starting to take apart the R6 for a new chain and sprockets.  Enjoying the process of cleaning it up, looking for things that need to be fixed, and just becoming familiar with a sport bike.  
  • Jon has 15k service done on the Spyder and learns that the semi-auto shifting requires good oil pressure.  Since it was a quart low, the shifting was not smooth.

The 2000 Yamaha R6 on the stands with the lower fairings removed.  Rich is coming up to speed with this type of bike and performing some maintenance before getting this on the road.  

New bike Jon mentioned and belongs to Omega.

Hmmm, what would you get if you crossed these two brands?  We give our thoughts on the rumor of Harley making a bid for Ducati.  Photo credit: Chris Geiss 


  • Homestead Hill Hootenanny 2017 (Boone, NC/Robbinsville, NC - July6th - July 9th) Rico and Jon are going.  This is a large moto vloggers meetup
  • Barber Vintage Festival - October 6th-8th, 2017 - Leeds, Alabama

Running time:  1 hour 16 minutes

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