72: Lloyd Greer from Lloydz Motorworkz - Victory Motorcycles Farewell Part Two

To continue with the Victory Motorcycles farewell, we have someone who is passionate about Victory to bring to you.  Our special guest Lloyd Greer from Lloydz Motorworkz, discusses his passion and experience in the aftermarket world to help improve Victory Motorcycles and build a loyal customer following.

  • Two videos inspired us to reach out to Lloyd for this episode.  Onwards and Upwards and Onwards and Upwards Pt 2
  • Has 12 motorcycles, but his go to bike is a stripped down Victory Vision which puts out 240HP at the rear wheel!
  • One of his customers is a 78 year young man with a 2013 Victory Cross Country.  A supercharged model that puts out about 200HP with over 63,000 miles on bike.
  • Lloyd is looking for the large front wheel custom trend to pass and thinks the next phase will be the performance Bagger or what he called the "Muscle Bagger".
  • We are fans of the supercharger kit and were pleased to hear that Lloyd makes every part except the supercharger itself, which is from Pro Charger.
  • Has been designing parts for Victory Motorcycles for last 20 years.


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Running time:  1 hour 17 minutes

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