69: Defining Moments of 2016

Last episode of 2016 and we look back and discuss the best moments in our opinion from 2016.  Before getting to the moments we would like to share some stats of our episodes over the past year.  Number of Episodes - 38 (4 of which are specials) and total time 43 hours and 27 minutes.  Also if you are a patreon you have access to an extra 23 episodes which is a total time of 12 hours 04 minutes of content.

Defining moments of 2016:

  • Jon drops a bomb - Tells the guys about buying the Spyder
  • Rich rides the Motus MST before Rico and then Rico gets to ride the Motus  MST and MSTR with Lee Conn
  • 2016 Barber Trip and all the events that happened to and from the Vintage Festival at Barber
  • FJ-09 and Rich almost selling the Deuce for it!



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Running time:  1 hour 44 minutes

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