59: Capital City Bike Fest, KLR Gone, and we are off to Barber!

In this installment of Loud Pipes! the guys have a little food chat, talk about Jon visiting the Ray Price Capital City Bike Fest, flat track racing, and a few other items. 

Food Items:

  • Rico was eating some chicken wings, which turned into a great place to each chicken and waffles in Atlanta - Glady's Knights' Chicken & Waffles
  • Jon asked what is better - Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme.  This came about due to Jon's wife listened to a podcast (we got this) and what they said was the better donuts.

Jon Visiting the Ray Price Capital City Bike Fest - This was over the weekend of September 24th and held in downtown Raleigh, NC.  There was about 8 blocks of downtown closed off for the festival along with events happening at the Ray Price Harley-Davidson dealership.  There was a lot of different events happening during the festival which included - public bike show, live bike build, live shows, Drift Trike Exhibition,  live stereo build, parades and rides, pin-up contest, and much more.

Here are some of the bikes Jon saw:

Flat track racing - Indian has announced the 2017 wrecking crew (Bryan Smith, Brad Baker, and Jared Mees).  The flat track racing has completed for the 2016 season the champion this year is Bryan Smith and he rides a Kawasaki Ninja 650.


  • It's called a dual bending value - this was from episode 58 where Jon could not find the "Marketing" term for the front forks on the 2017 Harley-Davidson.
  • Rich has let his baby go.  He has sold his KLR to Zyon, who is one of our First Five Riders.  He is going to turn the KLR into his winter bike.


  • The Motus yellow light means - you left the turn signal on too long.  This was feedback from John Jones listener that has Motus number 15.
  • Feedback from listeners of show:
    • Koner French thanks for the nice note about show and sharing your 82 Yamaha Maxim
    • Jeremy Franklin will be at Barber and will meet up with us.
    • EJ Kooker checking in with guys to make sure we were safe from the protests and riots that had taken place in Charlotte.
1982 Yamaha Maxim from Koner French

1982 Yamaha Maxim from Koner French


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Running time:  57 minutes 22 seconds

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