49a: Quick Show Update

  • Quick update on some happenings with the show.  We especially want to let everyone know that we have posted a video from our ride on the DiamondBack - NC 226a.  This is now up on YouTube and Patrons have had access to this for the past week in Ad free form
  • The main reason this is not a full episode, is that the recording for Episode 50 will take place live at JR cigars in Mooresville, NC on Sunday the 17th. This will be a Roundtable format with as many of the Rod Hogs crew as we can assemble.  We will also celebrate the milestone aa bit being episode 50.  
    • You can also listen live to episode 50 at loudpipes.net/live on Sunday the 17th around 12:30 or 1pm ET.  The technology is not final, so please check the site on that date for the most recent link.

Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge

  • Data collection testing is wrapping up this Friday July 15th and the challenge starts officially August 1.  For more information or to follow along with the challenge, check out motorcyclepodcasterschallenge.com and subscribe to the mailing list for periodic updates.  There is also a master post on Eat Sleep RIDE that has the same information and where periodic updates will also be made.  
  • There are two other podcasts that may join i n the fun and once that is confirmed we will update the website and send an email to the challenge list subscribers.  Also, we do not sell, share, or use these email addresses for anything else other than to send updates relate to current and future challenges and expect no more than 2-3 email per week.  

Loud Pipes Merch!

  • New way to get a Loud Pipes shirt, loudpipes.net/merch for details.  Lower cost than previous methods and provides some support for the show as well.

Other Happenings

  • Jon is on the road this weekend for the Vloggers meetup round II in Tellico Plains Tennessee.  He is questionable for episode 50.  I hope he makes it, but if not we will get the full update from the ride on the following episode.
  • Patreon monthly production calls now fixed at last Sunday of the month 1pm ET. Except for Christmas and New Year's conflicts.

  • New 5 star review on iTunes titled: Great podcast! This comes from a user by the name JamesMotorcylLover and they say “ These guys are really great. This is a must listen for any motorcyclist and they are really funny.  Well thanks JamesMotorcylLover, we really appreciate that and next to signing up to support the show on Patreon, this goes a long way to putting fuel in our tanks.  Much appreciated.  


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Running time: 8 minutes

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