47: Robert Rivera Jr Interview

In this episode the guys release their second of three interviews from the road trip to Atlanta.  This interview is with a very talented artist by the name of Robert Rivera Jr.  Robert has been working with airbrush and other techniques for more than 13 years and has been drawing since he was in the 3rd grade.  Overall we were blown away with Robert's work and highly suggest you visit YouTube for the video version of this episode.

Robert was featured by Southland's Full Throttle and is the first artist to be featured by Full Throttle.  Some of his work can also be found in prior issues of the American Bagger Magazine for bikes from the Baddest Bagger competition.  You notice some of Robert's work during this competition. 

Kotic Kustoms creates some amazing bikes, which often provide the canvas for Robert's paint.

We were introduced to Robert by way of Aerin Shaw, featured in episode 46.

Here are a few examples of Robert's work and we encourage everyone to check out his Facebook page.


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Running time: 32 minutes 56 seconds

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