Episode 12: Ducati Preview Tour


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One more bike from the Easyriders show we wanted to mention.

Ob$e$$ed - 1978 HD shovel head engine, NOS, air shift, every nut and bolt hand made by Revrend Jim - Largo Fl.  After the show, we found the owner's website. 

Link to a additional bikes from the show that we liked.

New Topics

Ducati Preview Tour - we got to see and sit on the new Scrambler, Multistrada, and the 1299 Panagale.  A future ride to report on at some point I'm sure and we spent a few minutes talking with the dealership and Ducati staff that were on hand. 

Thanks to Motorcycles of Charlotte where the Ducati Preview event was held.

Enjoy the pictures:

Rich finally on the Scrambler!

New ride for Rico?

KLR upgrade? :)

I can see this...

Will the owner of a red Panagale, please move your bike, you're blocking a fire lane!

Hmmm, you say my bike will be ready when?

Not Ducati, but a cool Scrambler anyway

Polaris acquires Brammo motorcycle business: our conversation started with an article from Motorcyclist online and we are excited to hear that there may soon be Victory branded motorcycles for sale.  Also, we feel that Harley-Davidson needs to get going on some sort of production announcement for Project LiveWire.  

We spent some time talking about some big horsepower cars making news.  

Ford GT - Article from Autoweek on how Ford kept the GT a secret and a second article about the unveiling of the Ford GT was a topic of conversation. 

Corvette Z06: Internet rumor that the new Z06 may have lapped the Nurburgring in less than 7 seconds!  We discuss that topic and refer to the current list for comparison.  After the show, found an article that debunks the rumor, so we will see once Chevrolet releases the official time and a video to back it up. 

Dodge Charger Hellcat: Since Jon is considering purchasing a new Charger, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about this car running over 200 miles per hour.  Another great article from Autoweek providing the starter for this conversation. 

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Update on the Eat Sleep Ride app.  Discussed observations and usage so far, also played a sample of what a crash alert voice mail sounds like.

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Running time: 52 minutes, 59 seconds

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